Lacrosse Training

Goal-Line Performance aims to improve and build the skills of every lacrosse player by helping them train all skill zones from stick skills to lacrosse specific performance training.

You cannot cut corners on player development in today’s game; work in our indoor lacrosse stick skills training area or our fully equipped performance center that will help with every aspect of your game.

Stick Skills

Having confidence in your stick skills will translate to playing with confidence on the field. Whether you are a beginner, college commit or pro level player you can always improve. All aspects of your game are impacted by stick skills! Start training today and see how we can help grow your confidence!


Lacrosse depends on your ability to not think twice about catching the ball in the pocket of the stick. Repetitions with the correct form will make it possible for you to focus on new aspects to elevate your game. Being proficient in both your right and left hands will open up the possibilities when it comes time for competitions.

Ball Control

Cradling, passing, and catching are the fundamentals: Master the fundamentals to become a dynamic offensive and defensive player! Ball control is the forefront of your training regimen.


Accuracy, Finesse, and Power. Master all shooting tools needed to become that offensive threat that can react to goalie and defense movement while being able to make quicker decisions that will lead to more goals, assists and overall game play.  


Challenging to goal is what lacrosse offenses are built on. Bonding the features of Space, Speed, and Reactiveness will create the most effective dodging. Implementing these features will make you a more efficient dodger, helping you create more opportunities for yourself and teammates.


Footspeed and quickness coupled with ball control will help any player all over the lacrosse field. A key reason to work on agility is so a player is able to react quickly to pressure from a defender or make the stop in a 1v1 competition.

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