Hockey Training

Goal-Line Performance aims to improve and build the skills of every hockey player by helping them train all skill zones off the ice from shooting to stick-handling and hockey specific performance training.

In order to play the game at a high level, each player needs to cover all training aspects, “goal-line to goal-line”.

With stick skill training, stick technology and athletic performance at an all-time high, GLP provides the off-ice training necessary to supplement on-ice training for every player to practice all skill zones to maximize on ice performance with one-on-one, clinic, full programs, camp and team training with a staff that not only knows who to train like a hockey player, but has the experience!

Stick Skills

If you want to score more goals, have a harder and more accurate shot while being able get the puck off your stick quickly whether it be shooting or making a play then you’re in the perfect place to refine those skills. Check out one of our drop in shooting clinics, 6 week programs or book a private training session with an experienced stick skills coach that will help develop the following.


Without getting the proper amount of time and practice working on stick skills, players will not see improvement and find the success needed to play at the higher levels. Players shooting and stick-handling skills are built outside of practice where they can focus on the small details of refining their skills. Building a player’s stick skills will grow confidence and create more opportunities in their ability to use it during games.

Weight Shifts

Players whom seem to have stronger shots and better fakes than other players learn to use their body weight correctly while shooting and faking. Too many players are using arms and wrists only to take shots which decrease their ability to create power. Players need to be comfortable shooting and faking off their inside and outside legs while transferring weight to either side. With the new technology in sticks, using a player’s body weight correctly will make shooting much more efficient.

Quick Release

Every year goaltenders are getting better and better with their bigger size and ability to move around the net. Beyond creating a confident shot, each player needs to create a quick release that keeps the play and the shot release unpredictable. By not letting the goaltender get set, it will give player’s not only a higher percentage to score but create more rebounds.


Another piece to add to an unpredictable release is shot deception. Changing the angle of the shot whether it be pulling it in or pushing away from your body will create holes and force the goaltender to move out of position. Players can also use the angle of their blade to hide where they actually plan to shoot the puck if they have a quick release making it harder for the goalie to square up to the shooter.

Puck Control

Player’s must be comfortable controlling the puck in close and away from their bodies while in high traffic areas and also always being ready to pick the puck up off rebounds, tips and receiving all passes. Player’s must develop strong puck control to be able to react to the movement of the puck to make a play.

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